Work From Home Desk Tour!

Welcome back to Style By Catherine! I have been working from home a lot since new orders here in Colorado for COVID! So I knew I needed to get my desk in functioning order! It's still always gonna be a work in progress because you know me, I change everything so often haha! Anyways, lets get into it! Here's an overview of what the desk looks like..

So far I love the desk and the set up! Of course the laptop is in the middle, that is where I do most my work every day! Editing galleries, sending emails, creating graphics, website updates... a lot of stuff! So she needs to be in the middle.

I do have the MacBook Pro 13", in space gray! I love this laptop, it functions so well! I used to have an old one and in big need of an upgrade! I have a MacBook review coming soon, so make sure you're on the email list to be notified when it's up!

I have my pencil holder and oils right next to my laptop on the right. I keep all my pens, sticky notes, & the remote to my essential oil diffuser! I have two racks of oils, and the ones I have on my desk are my most used!

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This stand from Target is amazing! I'll try to find it online, but it has been sold out for a while and in-store only! This stand is so cute haha! The drawer underneath is so nice for some storage. Right now it has all my laptop accessories that I don't want out on the desk! It fits perfectly with my laptop! My laptop wallpaper is by my friend Julia Crist!

Next to my laptop I have my iPad and diffuser!

My iPad sits on this rose gold stand, which is also perfect for my phone too sometimes haha! But it stays there while I work and it helps when I'm designing on it! I love this stand and it comes in a few other colors.

I got this small wreath that is actually meant for candles, it was so cute but I knew I wanted it under my diffuser. I think it is so cute!! My diffuser is on a cake stand that I got from TJ Maxx but here's a similar one!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! I love how this space turned out! Shop everything here or on the LTKI app! Your support means the world to me!

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