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Welcome back to Style by Catherine! I am so happy you're here in my cozy little online space! Today I wanted to chat about Young Living and WHY I personally ditched and switched!

I honestly saw my friend Allie Boss posting so much about these oils and her little business. Yup I was influenced haha! Before I signed up I did my own research (which I will be including in this post..) and decided to start cutting out toxic chemicals, which believe me it's not just getting your starter kit and that's it. I wish it were that easy, trust me! It takes a lot of discipline. Cutting out the toxics, means no more bath and body works candles!! Yup, you heard me and I'm just keeping it real.. Here's a few things I've read:

Why I Won't Use Bath and Body Works Lotions Anymore

Why It's Time To Ditch the Bath and Body Works Candles This Fall

What Makes Bath and Body Works Candles Toxic

Please don't come at me about anything I've done my research on, read the articles, do your own research and make the decision that's best for you! What's best for me is cutting these out and switching to some pure essential oils.

Seed to Seal

Young Living has a seed to seal promise. What does this mean? Seed to Seal is Young Living's promise to deliver pure oils! Young Living has their own farms for all oils, which is why they are different! Most oils you can buy at target or Walmart are just perfume based. Made of chemicals and artificial scents to give you a "essential oil". "Essential oils are aromatic, concentrated plant extracts that are carefully obtained through steam distillation, cold pressing, or resin tapping." - YL

Types of Chemicals to Stay Away From


A toxic metal that can have effects in our body like, disrupting the healthy functioning of the endocrine system. Commonly found in your underarm deodorant.


A synthetic preservative with a chemical structure like estrogen that is linked with an increase risk of breast cancer and reproductive problems. Commonly found in personal care products. Listed ingredients to look for: methyl-, propyl-, ethyl-, isopropyl-, butyl-, isobutyl-, and benzylparaben.


The FDA allows companies to list "fragrance" as an ingredient but it could contain 100+ ingredients in this "one" listing. Most commonly found in personal care products like your lotion, perfume, shampoos and conditioners and body wash!

It's so important to learn what you're actually putting on and in your body! Essential Oils have helped me in lots of ways. Like with my mental and physical heath! Lavender and Stress Away are my go to blend for a high anxiety day. *Those two oils are in your starter kit*

Below is the basics of Essential Oils 101! Learn how to use the oils and some basics of how oils are made!!

Ready To Sign Up??

Let's get it girl!!

When you sign up and purchase your starter kit, you get access to discounts on all products, earn commission just by talking about the oils, and exclusive events by Young Living.

There are kits under $200 and girl trust me it's worth it and it's a crazy value deal! My starter kit was the desert mist kit and you get your diffuser, 12 essential oils, 2 roller balls, Thieves spray, 2 NingXia Red® 2-oz. samples, and a few other goodies!

Just to put into perspective of this value deal:

The Frankincense Oil retail price: $103.29

Desert Mist Diffuser retail price: $87.17

Ladies those two items are more expensive than your starter kit.. So if that doesn't tell you how valuable the kit is, I don't know what will haha!

Enroll now!

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