Las Vegas Travel Guide: Neon Museum

Happy Monday babes! I’ve decided to break up the Las Vegas Travel Guide into parts! Instead of one huuuge blog post - breaking them up seemed easier! Let’s start with my favorite experience in Las Vegas: the Neon Museum! This was such a fun tour, that I’ve never been on before! The Neon museum has a collection of all old neon signs from Las Vegas, from hotels that went out of business, casinos that sadly burned down, and more!

It was about an hour tour getting all of the information from the guides! I loved hearing about the history of Las Vegas and all of the hotels!

Covid: Masks were required the entire time, even being outdoors & in 110 degree weather! You cannot go back and wonder the exhibit after the tour is over, I'm not sure if that's a covid thing or an always thing. So make sure you take all the photos you want!! I waited until the end to snap a travel picture, just so everyone wasn't waiting on me lol.

Stay tuned for the next blog post of Las Vegas! I can't wait to keep sharing the travel guide with y'all!

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