How To Style Leopard Biker Shorts

Welcome back to Style By Catherine! Girls, let's chat about this biker shorts trend.. I at first was super hesitant, I thought they were honestly kinda weird and ugly. Until I tried them on and got a leopard pair... Haha! Now I'm obsessed! They are so comfy and the perfect option for lazy days, just like leggings! That being said lets style these leopard print leggings a few ways! As always I so appreciate when y'all use my links and shop through my LTKI.

Girls, graphic tees all the way! I did a white and a black tee to show y'all how cute either option is. I love that they look completely different, one option for Monday, one for Tuesday... just keep switching the tee lol! You're set for the week, maybe even sleep in them? No? Too far.. Yeah what was I thinking?


Leopard Biker Shorts | Journey Graphic Tee | Black Art Graphic Tee

This is more of a "dressed up casual" look I'd say! I think the denim jacket makes it look more presentable, like we didn't just roll out of bed 5 seconds before. This denim jacket is a huge staple in my closet right now! I am obsessed!


Leopard Biker Shorts | Denim Jacket | Black Tank

This look is so comfy. I mean they all are haha! But this short sleeve, oversized hoodie is perfect for transitioning into fall! It's lightweight and I adore this cream color! I love this look, and this hoodie is from one of my favorite boutiques!


Leopard Biker Shorts | Oversized Hoodie | Adidas

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