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Welcome back to Style By Catherine! Well here we are deep into fall haha, and I don't know about you but sometime's I find change to be really hard, especially seasonal. I think the fall season is great, I love the changing leaves, pumpkins, decorating, the cooler weather, all of it! But I won't hide the fact that I sometimes have a hard time adjusting to change. I often find myself getting sad over random things, such as the food we eat. Yes so weird haha! But sometimes when I'm eating chicken I wish I was eating soup. It ruins my mood! Which is absolutely so silly and weird.

I have been mentally just fighting the competition game we live in. It's no fun and it's all controlled by you! You have the power to stop comparing. You have the power to let it go. It might seem hard at first, and of course it's easier said than done. However, learning the way to find that balance is key! Instead of focusing on what you don't have channel that energy towards your goals, and what you already have!

Every morning I put some stress away oil on the back of my neck, do some simple stretching, and write down 3 positive affirmations. This has been so important to me in my routine, I look forward to it every night haha! I love nightly walks with the dogs, it helps get me away from my work and focus on the real moments. It's so important to discuss any mental problems you're having! Find someone you trust so much and talk to them. It seriously helps so much!


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