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Good morning and welcome back to Style By Catherine! I recently have been trying to be better at adding vitamins in my routine, and I saw these at Target and decided to pick them up! This was the first thing I picked up at my Target run so I had time to look on my phone and do some research and here's a simple summary of what I found!

First off, this is not sponsored lol. I think Target is the only place you can get the "Hims & Hers" vitamins. Online they are separate "For Him" and "For Her" so I am only assuming you can use this "Hims and Hers" for both guys and girls?? That would make sense right? I haven't really found a clear indication that it is so don't take my word for it.

Also, on the For Her website they don't sell this kind, but they sell a multivitamin! It does have some information on the biotin which is what the vitamin I picked up from Target focuses on! Biotin plays a part on synthesis of amino acids, that was a lot of scientific words lol. Basically our body doesn't produce that part, so we gotta add it! I'm not expert haha but I definitely am trying to get better at adding good into my body!

Biotin helps with the amino acid keratin, that keeps our hair healthy, shiny and strong! Which I definitely need being in Colorado! The change of seasons and our bipolar weather affects my hair more than usual haha!

You can shop them right here!

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