A Day In Georgetown, CO | Blogtober

Welcome back to Style By Catherine! Here for another day exploring Colorado, today I headed to Georgetown and explored this cute little town! I loved this cute little town! It was super quiet and small, small like 3 breakfast places small haha! That’s what we loved most about Georgetown.

I loved grabbing brunch at A Whistle Stop Cafe! It was so cute, they had indoor seating but it was full! So we sat outside, which was nice! It definitely was chilly, we’ve been having crazy wind recently so that made it a little chilly! As long as you have a jacket you’ll be fine! I got the French toast, I know I’m lame haha! It was super good though and french toast always reminds me of my childhood! My dad used to make it for us at least twice a month!

Also, living in Charleston last year was so funny. It was socially acceptable to take photos standing in front of someone else’s house, Colorado isn’t on that level yet but I’m okay being the weird girl posing in front of houses! Btw isn’t this leopard jacket amazing?? I’ve linked a bunch of similar ones here!

These buildings were sooo cute! I wish I remembered to take more photos, we were just enjoying the time we had! I love the Halloween decorations! We’ll have to come back when it’s Christmas time to see all of the cute winter decor! It was super quiet and there were a few buildings under construction, it was also a Monday so I assume it might be busier on the weekends! I’d definitely say this is more of a town to just stop in! They do have a train that we really wanted to do but it was sold out!

I love small towns! We went into a few shops and got some goodies, I got a new mug and a new shirt! Of course we got some fudge from the sweets store, how could we not hehe. I hope you all have an amazing day!


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