21st Birthday Weekend Recap!

Hey babes! Happy Monday, I hope you all had the best weekend! I had the best time celebrating my birthday over the weekend.

I had to work on Saturday (which was my actual birthday) but I only work Saturday’s for a few hours! Plus when you’re an adult, working on your birthday is fun haha. Everyone tells you happy birthday in person, my clients brought me some gifts and you make money haha. So I didn’t really mind! I worked until about 12, so all shopping and stuff would have been closed until after I was off anyways. It all worked out!

So after I worked I came home, and my man had surprised me with balloons filling the apartment and so many flowers spread out! If you follow me on Instagram, you saw my IG stories! I didn’t take any pictures except for the ones you saw at the beginning of this post! After i stopped crying from how sweet he was, we went to lunch and of course I wanted Chick-Fil-A ! Then we headed to the Colorado Mills Mall (one of my favorites hehe) and did some shopping! We went to the Nike Outlet (in my opinion that’s the only way to buy Nike haha), and forever21! Which of course I thought was hilarious now that I am 21 lol!

After shopping we came back and honey cooked a steak dinner, which was sooooo yummy! I died on the inside a little! Since I can’t change my ID until Thursday (ugh the soonest they had an appointment), we didn’t go out because so many places won’t even check your birth date if your ID is horizontal. I’m sure we could have tried but I didn’t feel like it haha. Then we did cake! He got me a tiramisu cake which is my FAVORITE!

And I made my birthday wish. This birthday was hands down the best one, I’ve never had someone put so much thought and love into gifts for me. I’m truly blessed with the best and thank you all so much for wishing me a happy birthday! Here’s to 21!

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